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Construction Industry Resources, LLC (CIR) is an investor-owned, Kentucky-based company providing technology solutions to help the construction industry more effectively recognize, plan for, and avoid project labor risk. CIR’s platform for accomplishing this mission and delivering powerful, predictive risk analytics is the Construction Labor Market Analyzer (CLMA). Historically, it has been difficult to get reliable data on labor market supply and demand for a specific area. The CLMA was designed to address this lack of critical planning information, which has been a key impediment to improving industry performance, and today the CLMA database provides labor market intelligence based on a robust database of over $6 Trillion in non-residential project spending. Since its launch in 2009, the CLMA has become the industry’s leading labor market intelligence platform and analytics provider.

The CLMA was developed in collaboration with key industry stakeholders (owners, contractors and unions) and in alliance with the Workforce Development Committee of the Construction Users Roundtable. The CLMA uses data collected from a range of sources across the construction industry to provide a detailed, comprehensive understanding of craft labor supply and demand locally, regionally and nationally, 3-5 years into the future. The CLMA enables visualization of skilled labor supply/demand imbalances at the project, region, and market levels, and provides context for how these imbalances impact project outcomes and the cost of labor over time.

The award-winning CLMA provides information needed by industry to make informed project planning and human resource decisions and by government to establish effective policy. The CLMA is a reliable, confidential tool that helps construction industry stakeholders increase construction industry productivity and efficiency levels on a sustainable basis.

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