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Metrics & Benchmarking Drive Improvement

The Safety Benchmarking Portal is a confidential, centralized application for tracking and measuring safety performance. These metrics facilitate peer benchmarking to help all stakeholders reach the shared, ultimate goal: ZERO. However, the closer an organization gets to zero, the more imperative benchmarking becomes to help overcome complacency. Safety and workforce training together creates a safer workforce, improves productivity, and lowers risk. Safety improvement is a perpetual journey which begins by measuring progress and then constantly improving and eliminating the causes of safety incidents on projects.

Access the portal

Access the Safety Benchmarking Portal via the CLMA platform. Login if you have an account, otherwise set one up easily. CURT and CIR members have access to the SBP at no cost.

Submit your safety data

Use the online tool or the Excel template to submit your company's safety performance data. All data provided by owners and contractors is validated before aggregation & reporting.

Benchmark your performance.

Compare your company performance against peers via the annual Safety Benchmarking Report. Continuous benchmarking is also available using the dynamic analytics tool.

Why owners use the SBP

Safety is a business imperative and a personal commitment. All stakeholders, including workers, bear responsibility for creating and maintaining safe construction sites. However, owners have a unique responsibility to drive to drive improvement through dynamic leadership and clear expectations. The past few decades of safety improvement were the result of owners setting standards and refusing to accept any less than excellence. When owners lead, industry follows.

Because safety is a business deliverable it must be measured by balancing both lagging and leading indicators to ensure quality and prevent incidents. What is our internal track record? How do we compare to others and to the industry overall? To improve, it must be measured.

The Safety Benchmarking Portal provides owners detailed analytics to measure and drive improvement.

Why contractors use the SBP

Safety is good business. Contractors who minimize costs associated with injuries have a more competitive advantage and are more attractive to owners. As a contractor, are you waiting for the owner to set safety expectations contractually? Or are you continuously measuring, driving improvement and maintaining a culture of safety within the company and on every project?

To be competitive and win work, safety must be integrated in all work processes and must be part of the evaluation of all decisions related to design, cost, schedule, and quality, to determine their impact on safety.

The Safety Benchmarking Portal provides contractors detailed analytics to measure and drive improvement.

Safety Incidents Are Avoidable: Guide to Helping Predict Accidents

Too often, construction is dangerous, and unfortunately there are still too many construction accidents happening during projects. It doesn’t have to be this way. On the continual journey to achieving an accident-free worksite, leading indicators are an effective way to understand your safety risks and whether your construction project will likely experience more accidents than average.

We’ve assembled an informational guide on construction industry trends that increase the potential for accident occurrence. Let us help arm you with data and tools to identify accident risks so you can work towards taking steps to plan for them and prevent them.

This guide can’t stop accidents from happening on your construction site, but it can help you identify accident risk factors early and plan accordingly, preventing injuries and delays to keep your workers safe and your project on schedule.

Download this report

Safety Performance Benchmarking

Since 2004, CURT has been tracking safety performance through the Safety Benchmarking Portal (SBP) for the purpose of helping our members understand their safety performance in the context of each other and the broader construction market. The SBP is centralized through the Construction Labor Market Analyzer application (with direct links from the CURT website) providing a single, cohesive platform for safety metrics, productivity metrics and labor risk analytics.

A foundational tenant of CURT is to help improve safety performance on construction projects and drive incidents, injuries and fatalities to zero. Every organization is in a different place in their journey to zero, so no two paths are the same; however, every organization desires the same outcome – zero injuries. Therefore, to obtain the desired results from all members of the team on any project, there must be a shared perspective of what it means to be working toward the achievement of the outcome. What is our track record internally? How do we compare to other organizations? How do we compare to the construction industry overall? It must be measured to be improved.

The SBP builds on decades of data and experience, tracking owner and contractor safety data, and then returning that data back to industry for benchmarking and improvement. All SBP data is aggregated and blinded to ensure confidentiality.

How does the Safety Benchmarking Portal work?

Access the SBP via the CLMA platform. Login if you already have a CLMA account. If you don’t have an account, click “Request an Account” to set it up. As a CURT member, there is no cost to use the SBP.

Use the online application to submit safety performance data by industry sector, location, and employee type. The primary data fields are the following:

  • Total Work Hours
  • Total Recordable Incident Cases
  • Days Away and Restricted or Transferred (DART) Cases
  • Days Away (DA) Cases
  • Total Days Associated with Days Away (DA) Cases
  • Total Days Associated with Job Restriction or Transfer (RT) Cases
  • Number of Fatalities

Additionally, the survey includes questions regarding near misses, first aid cases, and fatalities. All safety terms used in the survey are aligned with OSHA definitions in order to allow comparisons of the survey results to the yearly safety statistics that OSHA provides on the overall U.S. construction industry.

The data provided by owners and contractors is validated and used to create the Safety Benchmarking Report (historical reports are also available).

Continuous benchmarking is also available using the analytics tool, which allows users to obtain rates for specific years and compare rates between two selected years.

What is the Safety Benchmarking report?

This report summarizes the responses of CURT members to the annual safety survey focusing specifically on safety data associated with capital projects, excluding operations and maintenance. The report presents the latest safety rates based on the reported data and provides corporate safety performance benchmarks that can be used for self-analysis.

The primary purpose of this report is to document the descriptive statistics obtained from the annual safety survey. It provides excellent, proven safety rate data for owners and contractors, as well as related summary analysis; however the report avoids providing commentary regarding potential causes for specific safety statistics or trends. The methodology for this effort is consistent with the historical CURT and CII safety reports.

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