Construction performance transparency is difficult to achieve because industry stakeholders are reluctant to share data. This lack of information is crippling and contributes to the construction industry lagging nearly every other market sector in bringing efficiency and productivity to projects. Our platform overcomes this challenge. We have a track record of treating all data confidentially and free of anti-trust violations.

The CIR Confidentiality & Anti-Trust Commitment – Construction Industry Resources collects data from multiple sources, private and public. Each company rightly considers their information to be proprietary, valuable and confidential, so we work rigorously to ensure your data is never shared or revealed, regardless of the type of data, the format in which you provide it and/or whether is is stored or displayed within the CLMA platform and database. In addition, our report outputs conform to Federal anti-trust regulations to help prevent CLMA-generated information from being used for inappropriate purposes. The documents below provide more information.

Website, Application and Analytics Terms & Conditions

This document contains the following provisions and governs all activities related to the online CLMA platform (, the online CWDA application ( as well as any other outputs and reliance in any way on data that is derived from the CLMA and/or CWDA: Uniform Confidentiality & Use Agreement; Website Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy; Data Security and Confidentiality; and Copyright Policy in accordance with the DMCA.  [Last updated 2020Jan31]

Anti-Trust Terms & Conditions

The CLMA platform and the CWDA application were carefully designed to avoid any communication, activity or data exchange which would result in an anti-competitive environment.  This legal research document validates the CLMA and CWDA as a pro-competitive planning tools.   [Last updated 2020Jan31]

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