To be the best, you must objectively benchmark against your competition.

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What is the Contractors Workforce Development Assessment?

The Contractors Workforce Development Assessment (CWDA) is a powerful online, assessment tool and process designed to objectively measure a contractor’s workforce development and training efforts and commitment. The CWDA process works best with the Owner's participation and support. This leadership is the most critical component of any project. The CWDA helps improve project labor certainty by growing and improving the skilled workforce though objective metrics and effective peer benchmarking.

How Does the CWDA Work?

Complete the Assessment

A contractor's crucial first step to effectively addressing labor risk is an objective, honest examination of workforce development, hiring and training programs. This process evaluates, validates and improves craft development strategy and tactics.

Share Your ScoreCard

Easily share your ScoreCard and Report with owners and hiring contractors. This enables them to visualize your objective assessment and know with confidence your company is rigorously committed to craft talent development and retention.

Improve Operational Excellence

Owners are looking for greater project labor risk certainty. Does your company have a strategic workforce development and training plan in place to protect your brand, identify gaps, prioritize improvement, and increase your competitive edge?

CWDA Metrics Drive Improvement

Of all the factors that impact and influence a contractor's reputation, arguably none are more important than the capacity to deliver a trained, competent, productive workforce on projects. The existing skilled labor pipeline is not producing and cannot sustainably produce enough competent resources to make up for workforce attrition, which is resulting in the lost of our most skilled craft professionals. Innovative, strategic planning is required to mitigate the impact. Adopting high-priority workforce development and training programs is critical to making the necessary leaps in the speed and quality of hiring and skill development.

Benchmarking helps identify and address areas which most urgently need improvement. The CWDA is designed to facilitate this through competitive benchmarking to drive improvement of workforce development and training programs. The success of the CWDA and industry improvement is predicated on the owner's commitment as they are vital to demanding workforce development excellence.

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CWDA Benchmarking Improves Competitiveness

How is your company perceived in the marketplace? How well is your company performing? An objective assessment of your company's workforce development and training program is essential to overcome complacency and improve competitiveness. If you want to be the best, you must be willing to objectively benchmark against the competition and peer benchmarking helps achieve that advantage.

A foundational objective of the CWDA is to make workforce development a key criterion in both the pre-qualification and the final selection of contractors...just as safety, quality, and schedule are key selection criteria. The CWDA helps owners and prime contractors compare contractor craft training programs and provides a set of objective measures to improve what has traditionally been a subjective analysis.

The more a contractor invests in the workforce, the greater their capacity to deliver high-quality work. This translates to more work, increased revenue, higher profits and the kind of corporate culture and reputation owners seek.

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CWDA Benefits Are Proven

  • Establishes industry-wide workforce development and training metrics
  • Contractors identify strengths and growth opportunities to increase profitability and improve operational excellence
  • Contractors protect their reputation and enhance their brand by delivering a competent, skilled workforce on every project
  • Effectively demonstrates workforce development commitment to project owner and contract partners
  • Hiring organizations (owners, EPCs, GCs, etc.) can effectively evaluate and pre-qualify contractors to decrease project labor risk to improve project outcomes
  • Promotes the safe and productive completion of projects on-time and on-budget
  • Provides a key metric input for the Labor Risk Index (LRI)
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Under the guidance and leadership of the labor-neutral Construction Users Roundtable (CURT - Workforce Development Committee and NCCER (, the CWDA was developed to evaluate and provide a qualitative metric that would fairly, objectively, and consistently represent a contractor's investment, efforts, and commitment to workforce development and training. The CWDA is designed to prequalify and assist hiring organizations (owners, EPCs, GCs, etc.) in the final selection of contractors, just as contractor safety, quality, and schedule are key prequalification and selection criteria. The CWDA helps hiring organizations benchmark contractor craft training programs and provide a set of objective measures to improve what has traditionally been a subjective analysis.

The CWDA was conceived and developed around the following key objectives:

The CWDA was created to effectively evaluate and communicate a contractor's workforce development and training commitment, as well as program quality. It accomplished this through three unique contractor assessment types - Construction Manager, General Contractor and Subcontractor - predicated on the following core principles...

  • Increase objectivity and minimize subjectivity to the extent possible
  • Weight questions by importance and impact on workforce development
  • Consider and accommodate the impact of different contractor types (general contractors, construction managers, and subcontractors)
  • Ensure the tool and analysis is labor-posture-neutral
  • Use qualified third parties to audit information to achieve consistency
  • Facilitate industry benchmarking and drive improvement through metrics
CWDA pricing and next steps...

CWDA Pricing

NOTE: New pricing is effective on January 1, 2024.

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